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Terms of Booking Deposit

By agreeing to pay the deposit with us (Kitumo LTD) you (thelead guest) and your booking party (guests) agree to the following terms andconditions. 

Booking Process

To place a booking with us the lead guest must be at least 18 years of age. The maximum number of staying guests per room is illustrated in the room occupancy details on the website.  

Vouchers will be issued 28 days after the deposit has been paid and can be redeemed at any time after Kitumo Ltd commences operation.                                                                                        
Deposit payments must be 'cleared funds' before a booking can be confirmed or a voucher issued. 

Deposits are only refundable under the conditions set out here within. 

Payments can be made online using debit / credit card. Any charges raised against us by our banks for handling dishonoured cheque's, bank transfers or any other payments, must be reimbursed by the lead guest within fourteen(14) days of any request to do so. 

Dates will become available to book 1 month before Kitumo Ltd is open to the public. You will have the option to book your holiday for any available date within 48 months of booking. Further terms and conditions will be provided for the length of your stay.

Cancellation, Returned Deposit

Guests who need to cancel their deposits should contact us as soon as possible.

Deposits already paid are only returned in accordance with the following conditions.

Cancellation made 28 days or less of deposit paid =     Full deposit refund  Cancellation made after the 28 days of deposit paid =     No refund issued

Non-arrival guests, who are unable to attend or fail to attend for whatever reason forfeit their deposit paid. The full amount of the booking will not be due.

In the rare event we need to cancel your booking with us, please be aware that we cannot be held liable for circumstances beyond our control.

Our Right to Cancellation

We reserve the right to cancel any booking without compensation,refund, or reimbursement if the terms of these conditions are breached, If the project fails, we will issue refunds minus any costs that have been spent on the project.

Your Personal Details & Privacy

We are required to keep a register of guests over the age of 16 who stay with us, this includes full names and nationality, and/or passport numbers, place of issue, details of next destination if they are non-British,Irish or Commonwealth guests.

This is in accordance with the (Immigration(Hotel records) Order 1972). These records are kept for a minimum of 12 months and in accordance with the DPA (Data Protection Act 1998) and the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).Our policy surrounding the personal details you provide as part of any booking or enquiry through this website / or third-party website,including the privacy of those details are explained and set out in our Privacy Policy which you can read here.You accept that any entries you make to an on-site guest book,if available, will not contain personal information or details you would not want disclosed. Any entries containing personal details that may fall into the DPA and GDPR may be removed and destroyed.