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Amazing food whenever you fancy

"Food is our common ground, a universal experience ."

James Beard

Kiota Bar & Restaurant

As with everything else we want to give you an authentic yet modern experience. In this case, it means that all our food is as far as possible locally sourced and natural. We create authentic local dishes presented in a modern way. We do not keep a full menu we merely give you a selection of suggestions, but this is your holiday so we accommodate your wishes as much as we can. We promise you one thing, you will leave us with tears of joy and will miss our unique dishes and service.

Where you wish to enjoy your dining experience is also up to you. Whether you wish to be social (with safe distancing) in our restaurant or enjoy a private dining experience in your unit or on your balcony enjoying the endless views or clear night skies of the Mara. The choice is yours.

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Kiboko Bar

For a more relaxed dining experience, head over to our Kiboki bar for drinks and snacks over-looking our watering hole. The Kiboko bar will also be public bar to be shared by our neighboring guests from the camps nearby.

Kiboko sidebarTopviewInner barFull barWatering wholeMountain view