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Bedroom view

"It’s really beautiful. It feels like God visits everywhere else but lives in Africa."

Will Smith

Our rooms are not just spacious - we have taken a lot of time and care in the layout and design to ensure your comfort and convenience at all times. Just tell your Digital Assistant what to do and it gets it done. Open the curtains in the morning to see the stunning views. Set mood lighting for bedtime and play your favourite playlist when you wake up. Think of the possibilities with the Digital PA in your room. Your PA for the trip will not easily be forgotten

We pride ourselves in our service. Whether it is our Digital Assistant or our trained local staff, we are at your disposal and will make sure your experience is one to be remembered for all the right reasons. All our staff have been recruited from the local community, and have gone through a full professional training program.

We care about you, our team and their families and the world. As such, we ensure that we have taken as many actions to look after these in a responsible way. For example: our electricity and water comes straight from Mother Earth. We have installed water-from-air equipment and have solar powered energy for the full lodge. But don’t worry - should any of these systems fail, we are still connected to the grid “the traditional” way, so we will always have you covered.

A safari experience was often associated with a total disconnection from the modern world, and if that is what you want, you can do so with us. But for those who don’t want to, or can’t afford to be disconnected, we offer high speed internet on-site. Check e-mails, stream movies and upload pictures and videos of your day's adventures without any issues.

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Experience the Kitumo Mara way

room to hot or too cold?

Use the device or let the smart room work its magic.

need some light?

Our smart lights will adjust automatically.  

Room SErvice?

Fancy a quick snack before dinner? Order all this and more on the smart device.

Time to relax

Book yourself onto a Spa session compliments of Kitumo Mara

Ready for dinner?

Head over to the main restaurant or enjoy it from your room with a view.

Time for Bed?

Click the night time mode and set your alarm. Order breakfast and lunch for the next day all from the comfort of your bed


Open your eyes to the beautiful views of the mountain as the blinds will rise to the time you set. Head over to the restaurant or have breakfast in bed.

Maasai mara

Explore the beautiful sites and the animals that Mara has to offer with your private driver


Have time for an activity? Why not visit the local Maasai Village or enjoy a horse ride around the Nashulai conservancy

Fancy a swim

Pop out onto your private deck and jump right in